Grove Road

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Project details

Maven were requested to become involved as the directors had previous experience in working on this project. Maven was engaged as the development manager for the project to see it through to completion.

The Grove site had 10+m of peat underlying the site, presenting some challenges. The poor ground conditions made working in winter or trenching and excavating at depth extremely difficult. Stage 1 involved several complex challenges including:

  • Medium intensity with lot sizes around 200m2 and limited berm spaces for underground services
  • A 7.5m deep wastewater pump station, sized to cater for the surrounding 50ha of special housing area
  • Approximately 1km of rising main to connect the pump station to the Veolia Water network
  • The site had very limited stormwater so temporary storage ponds were required until council upgrades their networks and flow paths to provide full service
  • A large stormwater channel (potentially 20m wide x 4m deep) is to be built to the north potentially creating settlement to the site and to underground services
  • Groundwater recharge pits within narrow berm spaces
  • Preloading of platforms and movement of preload ahead of the building programme
  • Complex negotiations on cost sharing with neighbours

Client reference

Maven were hired to oversee a project in civil engineering trouble. Maven came through and dealt with a number of challenges including helping us deal with Auckland Council and Veolia by developing good working relationships with key members.

The value in using Maven is that they do what it takes, rather than finding excuses. They are currently working on feasibilities on other projects for Equinox Capital Ltd

Andrew Crosby, Development at Equinox Capital Ltd


Papakura / Takanini, Auckland


132 Homes


Equinox Capital Ltd


Stage 1 completed 2016, stages 2 and 3 ongoing