Wirihana Subdivision

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Project details

Wirihana is major subdivision in the Manukau, consists of 3 stages all sums up to 450+ lots. The presented pictures are work of stage one (158 lots subdivision) almost complete and signed off for the public works. Internal Private works (buildings etc) are in process at the moment.

Challenges of the project is to take over the existing design previously completed by a different consultant, soil condition on site about 4m below could be found silty sand which is not appropriate (not cohesive material) for any earthwork, the soil issue led to to unappropriated Retaining wall design which led to redesign and delay of units sign off, working withing/next to the recreational wetland which requires almost perfect erosion controls.

This project land falls under the IWI and government Land which requires some percentage of the new build units fall under housing program.

Parties involved: Isthmus Group, JacksCo Civil, Engeo, Avant Group.


10 Kerrs road, Manukau central


Stage 1: 158 lots, all stages – 415 lots.


2019-2025 (approx)