Esmonde Road Uplifting of Title Limitations

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Project details

This site is located on Esmonde Road in Takapuna and abuts the Waitemata Harbour. Maven were engaged by the prospective purchaser of this site to undertake a survey to uplift the ‘Limitations as to Parcels’ provision so that an accurate area could be determined for future development purposes. A title that contains a ‘limitations’ provision is a hold-over from historical land registration acts which did not require high survey accuracy which must be dealt with now prior to development.

Unique Challenges & Features:

  • Redefinition of a site that was last defined circa 1860!
  • Determination of the line of Mean High Water Mark (MHWM) for 400m along the margin of the Waitemata Harbour
  • Areas of reclamation were discovered near the Esmonde Road causeway
  • Dealing with restricted visibility surveying around mangroves and cliff faces


Takapuna, Auckland