Civil Engineering

Maven provides a comprehensive range of civil engineering and land development services, specialising in the design of earthworks, roading, water supply and drainage systems.

We ensure that earthworks, roading, water supply and drainage systems are designed efficiently. Right from the start, the most expensive part of the development process, construction, can roll out smoothly.

Maven prides itself on its extensive relationships, from the relevant members of local government to third party contractors.

We specialise in:

Earthworks Design & Management

Let us take care of modelling, design, development and management of your site in accordance with local council standards and requirements.

  • Large volume earthworks
  • Sediment control
  • Cutting and fill balances
  • Contamination management

Land development engineering

From earthworks and infrastructure design to construction of foundations and piling, retaining walls, roading, footpaths and accessways. We also design and manage the installation of services such as water supply, power, fibre optics for telecommunications, gas, stormwater and wastewater for all types of sites including challenging sloping terrain, difficult below earth substrates and limited berm spaces for underground services.

Roading, footpaths and accessways

Maven will design and manage road building, footpaths, accessways, entrance areas, turning bays and other hard surfaces used by vehicles or foot traffic.

We can also complement surrounding environments with hard traffic surfaces that are in sync with the land development’s overall design.

Stormwater design

Maven has decades of experience in constructing multiple highly complex systems, including drilling through rock bore chambers and laying down complex overland flow paths within flat sites.

We design and model a site’s stormwater requirements either as new drainage systems, or in addition to existing infrastructure for residential subdivisions, commercial or industrial developments. Includes quality management, ponds, wetlands, filters, as well as taking into account quantity, detention and retention.

Wastewater solutions

Our extensive knowledge in designing wastewater systems, means that your project will comply with local councils’ health and environmental requirements. We design and develop wastewater solutions using underground pump stations, temporary storage ponds and groundwater recharge pits.

Our comprehensive services for new wastewater drainage and reticulation also include the extension of existing wastewater systems to accommodate new developments. Maven can also design and manage the construction of reticulated sewerage. We connect to mains service lines or in some case provide on-site solutions, disposing of wastewater in onsite package plants.

Freshwater supply

Evaluate existing water networks before designing and monitoring new water supply systems. Let us oversee the construction of freshwater networks, then monitor the supply to ensure compliance is satisfied with water standards at the local and national levels.

Traffic control & transportation

Maven has the expertise to deliver appropriate solutions for traffic control and other transportation requirements. We can consult on and manage parking, asset management (RAMM), traffic calming, signage and marking.

If you’d like to discuss civil engineering with Maven, please contact us.